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Incurable Virus

Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito, advises the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  The virus is rare and causes inflammation of the brain called encephalitis.  Animals, especially horses, are vulnerable to this infection.

​The virus involved attacks the horse's central nervous system.  "Onset is abrupt and horse cases are almost always fatal".

Symptoms evident in horses infected with the virus include

  • marked loss of coordination,
  • unsteadiness and erratic behavior  

​Other signs to be aware of in horses are

  • loss of appetite
  • drooping eyelids and lower lip 
  • depression 
  • blindness
  • aimless wandering and circling 
  • occasional paralysis. 

The treatment that may be provided by your veterinarian or emergency animal hospital is typically ineffective.

Vaccinate your horse !! They depend on you to take care of them !

Contagious Equine Metritis 

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